If you know me well, I don"t really lượt thích to put on BB/CC cream, my skin will be quite sensitive khổng lồ some BB/CC cream which idkk know why :/

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Then I will be growing a lot of pimples maybe I very cincaii remove ảo diệu :pFirstly, Don"t forget to kiểm tra out my đoạn clip tutorial for SUGAO products!!!
Until I received these products from SUGAO MALAYSIA andI tried it, oh gawddd ! Out of my expectation, the air light texture gives skin like no-makeup feel! Ohya not lớn mentioned, "no-makeup" look is the trend now where Korean andJapanese girls create a natural bare face alike look by using minimal make upproducts!

The packaging of SUGAO products is simple and chic. Iactually felt in love with the dễ thương handwriting printed CC words on the CC cream packaging!
So its been awhile since the last timeI tried BB/CC cream, soI"m happy to lớn get my hands on SUGAO Air Fit CC cream!!!


At the very first when I was at the products truyền thông media preview, they was telling this CC cream with scuffle-like texture. I was like?!! Really?!!!!

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I was told MUST BEusing finger tips to apply as in they wasuniquely designed by using finger tips to apply alltheirmake up!
I was really excited khổng lồ try thisunique CC cream on my skin, it really helps khổng lồ brighten my skin tone và looking more radiant!In fact, I prefer pinkish skin tone over as its looks radiant glow and more natural too!


It blends seamlessly with your skin to achieve soft translucent radiant skin only with a thin layer.Most importantly its Fragrance không tính tiền and Alcohol Free!!!!
Another highlights is this Chiffon powder!! I can"t stop adore it, the packaging was very pinky & nice! It blends on my original skin tone so well that it brightens my skin in a naturally & perfectly radiant finish, people just think that I didn"t put on any make up, yayyyyy!
Instantly creates a satin-smooth finish - Fine và soft powder gently covers the skin for a luminous glow.Feels silky & soft to the cảm biến - Formulated with oil-absorbing powder for a fresh và shine không tính tiền look that lasts all day.