I have recently gone on a sunscreen “European Tour” since I made the move across the Atlantic Ocean. I have been all about the Korean suncare life since I started my skincare journey so I wanted lớn broaden my horizons. I was mindlessly wandering European Pharmacies upon my arrival và I knew as soon as I tested this sunscreen on the back of my hand that I had khổng lồ make it mine.

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Eucerin was established as a brand in 1900 by dermatologist, Dr. Isaac Lifschuetz. The German company is known for designing simple products for sensitive skin. The company is owned by Beiersdorf AG, which has historically been a respectable organization. During Nazi Germany, the board had Jewish members that the company helped flee the country & produced Nazi-free advertising during the era. The company refused to lay-off a single worker during the Great Depression from 1930-1933.

Most of the sustainability efforts are seen through the parent-company. Beiersdorf has a “We Care” campaign that is designed to lớn show corporate transparency, environmental impact efforts & future sustainability goals. The company uses sustainable ingredients và supply chains, they are currently developing alternative product packaging to lớn become more sustainable. Most of the charity campaigns occur through Nivea, which focus of better education access for children và mothers. You can find their năm ngoái sustainability reviews & 2020 sustainability goals here.


This is a chemical sunscreen that offers UVA và UVB protection. It is strong enough for normal daily activities, but does not claim khổng lồ be waterproof or sweat resistant. This is designed for sebum control on oily or combination skin. I have only used this during the spring và summer seasons in semi-humid climates, but it has not been an issue for my dry skin.


This type of sản phẩm is for AM routines only và would be applied towards the kết thúc of a skincare routine. There is some debate whether chemical sunscreens should be applied before or after moisturizer, certain chemical sunscreen compounds are shown khổng lồ be activated by skin liên hệ & recommended to lớn be applied before moisturizer.

My perspective with sunscreen, as well as most skincare: vì chưng not get overwhelmed with routine order, it is probably better to have the sản phẩm on your face than not at all. So this sunscreen will either be the last or 2nd lớn last step in your routine!



This sunscreen has the consistency of suncare “milks”. It is extremely fluid khổng lồ the point where it is almost difficult khổng lồ control the application, but it is not as difficult to lớn work with as other fluid sunscreens like the Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish. Despite this sunscreen being intended for oily skin và containing alcohol, I find this product to feel very rich và non-drying when applied khổng lồ my skin.


White Cast

Reference: My MAC shade is NC20

This does have a slight white cast, but not overpowering on my skin tone & not noticeable when foundation is applied over it. The white cast has a smooth và even appearance, unlike some streaky trắng casts I have experienced with other sunscreen . However, the white cast not dissipate as it dries so it may not be ideal for darker skin tones.


It has the thick sunscreen smell of what your mother used to lớn lather on you at the beach as a kid, but slightly more astringent. While I prefer neutral scents, it is not overwhelming in this product.

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The packaging is functional with no frills so I bởi vì not have much lớn complain about. I bởi vì prefer tube packaging because I find it easier lớn control the sản phẩm amount, but that is just a personal preference.


I vì find the bottle to be slightly clumsy, but it doesn’t interfere with the hàng hóa application. The bottle is made out of hard plastic & the dispenser is similar khổng lồ toner packaging. I vì understand this product formula is liquid, the packaging just is not very forgiving when it comes lớn dispensing or controlling the sản phẩm amount.


Most of my skincare addicted life has been dedicated khổng lồ sunscreens from the Far East. The US skincare has pretty slim pickings for facial sunscreen, all too greasy & heavy on my skin. Once I moved khổng lồ Europe, I decided to lớn give drugstore sunscreens a try. La Roche Posay Anthelios & Bioderma Photoderm all failed me, but Eucerin did not.

The Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying Face is not perfect, but it is the best Western sunscreen I have tried.

The thick fluid dries quickly & leaves behind a mild trắng cast. The formula is non-greasy & dries completely matte. The ingredient list does contain one of my irritant triggers, but it does not bother my skin in this product. It is a very light formula & layers well with other skincare products.

This sunscreen did pass my Makeup Test, but not with đứng đầu scores. Anyone unfamiliar with my test, I use a foundation I am high familiar with to lớn apply on đứng đầu of a sunscreen swatch to chạy thử how well it layers. The trắng cast of the sunscreen does not show through the liquid foundation, but it does have very minimal pilling.

Eucerin Sunscreen Comparison

I purchased two Eucerin sunscreens at the same time: Eucerin Sun Fluid Face Mattifying và Eucerin Sun Cream. I will not pretend that these sunscreens are anything alike because both are designed for entirely different skin types & different types of suncare products.